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Who wore it best at the UN Secretary-General debate?

Who wore it best at the UN Secretary-General debate?

It was a night of glamour and style.

Dazzling in their muted suits and ties, the male candidates for the position of United Nations Secretary-General made a number of fashion statements.

Although, the occasion was not free of political statements. Vesna Pusić, former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, said it was time for a woman to be Secretary-General. “I also happen to be a feminist, and this is important,” she said.

In perhaps the most powerful political moment of the proceedings, hosted in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York, moderator James Bays asked candidates whether the UN should apologise for introducing cholera to Haiti. Only Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican diplomat and Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, raised her hand in the affirmative.

However, these political actions failed to overshadow the homage paid to the modern lounge suit. And, the question left on everyone’s mind at the end of the three hour debate was, “Who wore it best?”

Vuk Jeremić

At 41 years of age, Vuk still cuts a sharp figure. He is the husband of renowned journalist and news anchor Nataša Lekić. Vuk is an avid tennis fan and player, and that must account for his slim physique. For the debate, he wore a single-breasted jacket with a notched lapel. Although clearly tailor-made and form fitting, it did reveal his lack of broad shoulders. It remains to be seen whether he has the strength necessary for this job. His hair was tidy, classically cut in the style of Donald J. Trump Jr. I am told that Vuk’s glasses are designer frames by Ray-Ban.

Vuk Jeremic secretary
Vuk Jeremić. Photo from Al Jazeera.

The dark navy colour of the suit jacket was off-set by a white, collared shirt and blue tie. This choice played safe with the cardinal rule of shirt-tie combinations. A tie’s colour should always be a darker shade than the shirt. Well done Vuk. The plain white shirt choice, rather than a blue or pink or striped shirt, was conservative. However, his white shirt was clearly a little ruffled, and the tie a little sloppy, revealing a small patch of collar just under his neckline. If Vuk really wanted our attention, I would have suggested a checked shirt with a deep maroon-coloured tie. This would have spoken volumes about his vision for leading the UN towards 2030.

António Guterres

António is currently in his second marriage, this time to Catarina Vaz Pinto. Pinto graduated in Law from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and is the Deputy Mayor on Culture of Lisbon and Representative of Agenda 21 for Culture. At 67 years of age, António is looking tired and has aged significantly since the early 2000s. Although he is the front-runner in this campaign, António certainly did not dress like it for the debate.

Antonio Guterres secretary
António Guterres. Photo from Al Jazeera.

Dressed in an ill-fitting single-breasted black suit jacket, the choice did little for his figure. This fashion disaster was not averted by a patterned red tie against a plain white shirt. The suit jacket practically drowned the collar of his shirt, which never stood a chance. António’s hair style was a simple side part to the right, but a little untidy around the ears. Although grey hair is usually a distinguishing feature for men, I recommend António look to colour his hair to recapture the black of the early 2000s; aka Man, Don’t Grey (MDG).

Igor Lukšić

The youngest candidate at only 40 years of age; Igor is married to Natasha Lukšić. However, the fashion choices for the debate leave a lot of be desired, much like his published poetry and prose (see “The Book of Laughter”). The single-breasted, notched lapel suit seems to be a go-to, if not repetitive, choice for the young politician. Another plain white shirt, but matched with a diagonally striped tie. U-G-L-Y that tie ain’t got no alibi it’s ugly. It is a wholly uninspiring jacket and tie combination reminiscent of a private boy’s high school uniform.

Igor Luksic secretary
Igor Lukšić. Photo from Al Jazeera.

Danilo Türk

Danilo is 64-years-old and the husband of Barbara Miklič. Barbara studied English and Russian literature and married Danilo in 1976. Danilo caused some blushes by wearing almost the exact same suit and tie combination as António. Right down to the hair parted on the side and to the right! The tie was a darker shade of red than António’s with a simple repeating emblem. Danilo usually favours a tie colour from the blue family. The suit didn’t quite seem to properly fit his shoulders and is most likely not tailor-made.

Danilo Turk secretary
Danilo Türk. Photo from Al Jazeera.

Missing in action

Kevin Rudd, twice former Prime Minister of Australia and husband of renowned entrepreneur Thérèse Rein, was notably absent. The “philosopher-king” is trying to gain support from Australia’s ruling government, but nobody likes him.

Featured image shows the UN General Assembly Hall in New York. Photo from Wikipedia.

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