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We want a comms whiz to join the WhyDev team

We want a comms whiz to join the WhyDev team

We’ve got some exciting things brewing at WhyDev. Besides DevPeers, our peer-to-peer support network, we are also changing the way in which WhyDev operates. Without giving too much away, we’re establishing WhyDev in Australia as an organisation that works directly in the areas that need the most help. We think that aid and development as it is delivered today is full of gaps. There are huge imbalances in funding, donor preferences trumping what people need, and a lot of wastage. We want to work in a manner that combats these problems.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we want to surround ourselves with clever people who can help us along the journey. Along the way, we need to better able to explain what we are about.

One of the fundamental problems with doing good development work is talking about it in a way that is both easy to understand, yet truly reflects the nature of the work. Too often, overly simplistic marketing gets donors sucked in, but ultimately does a lot of damage to the prospects of future work. At the same time, organisations who do good work struggle to translate their message well to the public.


What if there was a way to effectively communicate good programs? What if we could capture the public’s attention, yet explain the nuances of good development at the same time? What if we used values and principles to guide the way we communicate, rather than focusing on a desire to reap donations?

We are interested in finding out whether this is possible, and that’s why we’re looking for your input. We want you to take an example of a good, bottom up, yet unglamorous development project, and show how you would communicate this project to the public.

Specifically we are looking for someone who:

  • Has excellent communication and/or fundraising skills.
  • Understands the complexities of aid and development, and grapples with what constitutes “good development”.
  • Has ideas about how to make something go viral.
  • Has skills in video, graphic design (Indesign and Photoshop), social media (Facebook and Twitter) and good writing skills, or at least can outsource some of these to someone reliable.
  • Is flexible and good humoured, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Is happy to work part-time (8 hours a week), on a voluntary basis, for a solid 3-month probationary period, with a view for re-evaluation afterwards.

What we want this person to do:

  • Work with us to communicate our vision for WhyDev to the public.
  • Produce videos, infographics, email newsletters, social media posts as needed. And maybe the occasional meme.
  • Work with us to identify our key audience for all of the above.
  • Come up with a communications strategy in tandem with Brendan & Weh.

How can you put your name up for consideration?

  • Have a read of this particular project, which is about as unsexy as they come. Resources are here, here, here and here. Email Weh at weh[AT]whydev[DOT]org for more information about this project.
  • Email us at info[AT]whydev[DOT]org for more information about the role itself.
  • Come up with one video (either an animation or live video of no more than 2 minutes) or one infographic talking about this program (contact Weh for a mockup of an infographic we want done).
  • Come up with one Facebook post, one Tweet and a one paragraph intro for an email newsletter talking about one particular aspect of this program.


Entries close 13 June, 2014 at 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

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