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The 1st Annual Primetime Devie Awards!

The 1st Annual Primetime Devie Awards!

You know when you see it in action.

A development practitioner who excels at what they do.

This development practitioner is the first to admit that working in the sector is complex and doing meaningful work requires navigating this complexity. This practitioner isn’t afraid to advocate for change and try new things. They understand success is rare, and admit when work has failed. This practitioner knows their biggest contribution often involves stepping back and creating space for others. And they spend most of their time investing in their peers and colleagues.

Do you know someone who fits this description? Do you want to show your appreciation for your peers and mentors within the development sector?

Now you can.

Together, let’s formally recognise the development practitioners who are doing development right.

WhyDev is proud to support 1st Annual Primetime Devie Awards.

Awards are open in the following five categories:

I got space: for increasing the political, financial or programmatic space available for another person or organisation to do what they do best.

Yeah, nah: for successfully preventing (or gallantly attempting to prevent) an irredeemably bad idea (or rule or process) from going ahead.

Deviant: for challenging the norms of practice in an organisation or community to do something differently with positive outcomes.

Failing admirably: for admitting that an approach that hasn’t worked as well as expected and learning from it.

The build-up: for mentoring colleagues, peers or partners, or providing substantial support to one or more institutions.

The awards are open to all Australian development practitioners, as well as anyone, from any country, working in Australia or for an Australian organisation. (And we encourage other countries to initiate their own awards).

You can nominate yourself or someone else, and you can make nominations in any or all categories. The deadline for nominations has been extended to Friday, 1 May 2015.

Four senior practitioners will review the nominations and choose a winner in each award category.

The judges are: 

Emele Duiuturaga

Andrew Hewett

Deborah Rhodes

Chris Adams

The winners will be announced at an event during the next ACFID University Network Conference (4-5 June 2015). Details to follow.

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