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The problem of donating to disaster relief efforts (and how NGOs can start to solve it)

It is inevitable that a major disaster will lead to an outpouring of donations in response. However, is this the best way for NGOs to utilise donor money? In her first post for whydev, Allison Smith explores why giving to NGOs post disaster can be problematic, and what NGOs can...
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1,250 reasons to love the NFL

World Vision recently announced the names of those communities identified as suitable and in-need recipients for its annual Superbowl t-shirt giveaway. The lucky countries are Zambia, Armenia, Nicaragua, and Romania. This annual development practice has attracted much debate. I do not wish to enter the debate as there are far...
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Opening the floodgates – perceived terrorist threats in the wake of the Pakistan floods

Following the devastating Pakistan floods of 2010, aid money has trickled into Pakistan at an alarmingly low rate. In this piece, Brendan and Weh ask the simple question: why? There have been many concerns raised about a vacuum that is created post-disaster, that could be exploited by terrorist organisations. Is...
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