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Burnout and its causes

Though it can be confused with stress or PTSD, burnout has different causes and remedies. Alessandra Pigni explains why burnout affects many aid workers and how it is caused by a particular way of working and a particular organisational culture. ...
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Are you psychologically equipped for working in aid and development?

Alessandra Pigni has collected stories, reflections and suggestions from humanitarian professionals on the topic of self-care. With this, she has put together a white paper series of practical recommendations to better prepare humanitarian professionals for field missions. Read more about this ground-breaking series in her second post for whydev.org....
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Reflection and action

The stereotype of the under-resourced, run-off-their-feet NGO worker exists for a reason. It's easy to get carried away with all of this, but in the end, how effective does this make us? In a cross post with Mindfulness for NGOs, Alessandra Pigni highlights the importance of reflection as action, and...
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