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Moving from stew to stewardship: eating sustainably in 2012

Food. It used to be so simple. Now we’re burning corn for fuel, making meat in tubes, subsidizing cattle for more than many people’s incomes, refusing food not grown locally, and swearing off meat altogether. Allison Smith reflects on her relationship with food and what it says about the intersection...
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Reflection and action

The stereotype of the under-resourced, run-off-their-feet NGO worker exists for a reason. It's easy to get carried away with all of this, but in the end, how effective does this make us? In a cross post with Mindfulness for NGOs, Alessandra Pigni highlights the importance of reflection as action, and...
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Why do you work in aid & development?

Recently, a number of prominent aid & development bloggers and professionals offered insight into why they do what they do. Introspection is trending and they are highly recommended reads. In this post, Brendan opens up the floor and asks, 'What about about you?' Why do you work in aid and...
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