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Sustainable development and poverty eradication through the prism of a Green Economy

As Rio+20 wraps up this week, Erin Nash delivers her third and final post on sustainable development. In her previous posts, she questioned whether sustainable development is an oxymoron and called for a paradigm shift. Now, she defines the mechanism to align with, and implement, this paradigm shift - the...
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Micro-loans or micro-savings: what works?

After her time in Malawi, Tanya Cothran began to question if micro-loans truly alleviate poverty or empower people, as we’ve heard so often over the past few years. Not the only sceptic, Tanya reviews David Roodman’s “Due Diligence: An impertinent inquiry into microfinance” and finds that for all the marketing...
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Poor families simply do not love one another

A dangerous theme and assertion appears to be emerging from Nicolas Kristof's writings; that 'poor families' simply do not love each other as much as non-poor. What is disturbing about such an influential and prolific writer holding this hidden perception is that he may not be the only one. In...
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