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MissionCreep #7: Nepal, salary cap and man drought

WhyDev just turned five! Celebrate with us by checking out our very first post.

Been missing the WhyDev podcast? So have we! Hosts Brendan Rigby, Carly Stephan and Weh Yeoh met up in Melbourne last week to record the latest episode of MissionCreep.

This time around, we’re talking about the altruism and the feels of going to Nepal and NGO salaries for CEOs, fundraisers and everyone in between. Plus, do we need affirmative action for men in development?

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Why We Dev with J. (part 1): Getting aid right

Last month (in honour of our 500th blog post!), we launched a new feature called Why We Dev, which gives you a chance to ask all your questions to a special guest.

J.'s avatar picture, a skeleton with a joker hat.
The best picture we have of J.

Our first guest is J. (aka, Tales from the Hood), veteran aid worker, well-known pseudonymous blogger and indie author. His answers to your questions will appear over the next three days, and part 1 focuses on questions related to volunteering and effective aid. Check back tomorrow for his answers to questions on a host of other topics.

We all know there’s lots of bad development (like voluntourism) out there. What’s something you think even the “best” in the aid sector are messing up these days? Continue reading Why We Dev with J. (part 1): Getting aid right