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Building financial literacy in the Pacific with CUFA’s Executive Officer Peter Mason | AidWorks

This year, 2012, is the UN International Year of the Cooperatives. It is aimed at increasing awareness of alternative business models that are often highly successful. AidWorks speaks with CUFA's Executive Officer, Peter Mason, about how poor people can still save and benefit from financial literacy and services....
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Micro-loans or micro-savings: what works?

After her time in Malawi, Tanya Cothran began to question if micro-loans truly alleviate poverty or empower people, as we’ve heard so often over the past few years. Not the only sceptic, Tanya reviews David Roodman’s “Due Diligence: An impertinent inquiry into microfinance” and finds that for all the marketing...
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Banking on the poor in China

Earlier last week, it was announced by the central bank of Bangladesh that the Banker to the Poor, the Father of Microfinance, Professor Muhammad Yunus was being sacked. Professor Yunus and Bangladesh are synonymous with microfinance. And, although the Indian subcontinent accounts for the majority of the world’s MFIs...
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