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Why I support isolated aid workers across the globe and so should you!

Aid workers need to be able to know themselves before they can help others. Supporting and encouraging dedicated and self-identified change agents within aid institutions is crucial to moving this profession forward. In a guest post with us, Jennifer Lentfer, of the wildly successful blog How Matters, explains why a...
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FPIC and Indonesia: Indigenous Forest Rights in Development

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is the right of Indigenous people to reach meaningful community consensus over developers or other interested parties use of indigenous customary land. Laura has recently developed a keen interest in this field while researching indigenous people's role in benefit sharing agreements from development projects...
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Australia’s aid review: what you need to know

On Wednesday, 6th July, the independent review of Australia's aid program was released. The review, the first in 15 years, was commissioned after corruption and waste was revealed. This is a very timely and critical review, as both major political parties in Australia have agreed to increasing the aid budget...
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