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Remember your own well-being this holiday season

Remember your own well-being this holiday season

Aid worker wellness: always important, increasingly discussed, but too infrequently achieved. And there’s no better time than the holiday season to heighten the focus on wellness.

Are you a field coordinator in a remote village or refugee camp and away from your family for the holidays again? Or spending December working around the clock to wrap up end-of-the year reports? Or maybe just hoping your boss doesn’t realise your project is over-budget until you’re after gone for the holidays?

Here at WhyDev, we always want to bring more attention to aid worker wellness. To date, we’ve published over 40 posts related to self-help and well-being, starting with one that pretty much sums up our stance on the issue: “So, you wanna save the world? Save yourself first!” And it seems we’re not the only ones concerned about aid worker wellness–nearly 1,500 people signed the petition to get it on the agenda at this year’s World Humanitarian Summit.

So don’t forget to take some time out for yourself this holiday season–and maybe start by pouring a cup of tea and perusing some of our favourite pieces on aid worker wellness.

Resilience: Its human dimensions, a practical guide and the value of training for aid workers

Are aid workers more maladjusted than others?

Why We Dev: Alessandra Pigni answers all your questions about wellness.

Bringing sexy back to well-being

Self-care isn’t just for the big and dramatic events.

Mindfulness: Why it’s essential

Drawing depicting a mindful child and a distracted adult.
Are you being mindful, or is your mind just full? Photo from Heidl Forbes Oste.

Burnout: Its causes and how to prevent it–or is it just a run of bad days that you might be able to turn around?

Finding the sweet spot between self-care and sacrifice

How to stay in love with your aid job

Yoga: Becoming a convert. And can it change everything?

A person's hand in a meditative position.
Take a deep breath, and let it all go. Photo from the Take Back Your Health Conference.

The challenges of reverse culture shock and adjusting to a normal life

Most importantly, if you need to talk to someone, call the Crisis Hotline in the U.S. at 1-800-273-8255 or 775-784-8090  or Lifeline in Australia at 13 11 14 , or find an office near you.

Featured image shows a lotus flower and its reflection. Photo by Lori Branham.

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