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Read this e-book to end poverty

Read this e-book to end poverty

It’s our 6th birthday! (Well, it was last week – on 14th May to be precise – but we have a history of forgetting our own birthday here at WhyDev, so we’re just sticking to tradition).

To celebrate, we thought we’d share something really special with you – our first ever e-book!

“Getting Development Right: Fresh and Frank Voices in Ending Poverty” is a collection of some of our most thought-provoking blog posts, all neatly encased together in an electronic format ready for your contemplation.

The e-book includes a range of posts – questioning development practice, reflecting on personal experiences and proposing alternative ways of thinking. It features topics such as mental health and diversity in aid work. One author attempts to deconstruct the notion of the ever-elusive ‘field’. As well as offering some decent doses of myth-busting and useful advice, crucially, each article reflects what we’re fundamentally all about – by focusing on the question, ‘why?’

hb e-book
Happy Birthday WhyDev! Photo from Flickr.

As always, we’d love to hear your comments (below), and feedback about the e-book, so do let us know what you think. Join the conversation!

Perhaps you’d like to go further and try your hand at writing a blog post for WhyDev? Do get in touch. We’re always looking for more fresh and frank voices in development!

Featured image shows the e-book cover design, by Johnny Fernandez.

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Amanda Cave

Having recently completed her M.A. in International Development at Sheffield University, Amanda is now pursuing a career in the sector and volunteering for various organisations. Amanda has worked in South Africa, Nepal and, most recently, Peru, where she conducted research into women’s experiences of intimate partner violence. She is a keen advocate of all things social justice, and is particularly interested in human rights, increasing young people’s participation in development, and combatting discrimination. As a feminist she is passionate about fighting gender inequality around the world as well as in the UK. You can follow her @aecave on Twitter.

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