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Peer coaching

Peer coaching

The Peer Coaching Pilot Program has finished. You can download the final evaluation report or read it below. You can also download our Peer Coaching Guidelines.

A snapshot of the Pilot Program and results:

  • 312 aid workers from around the world participated and were matched with a peer coach.
  • The average peer coach is a female expat aid worker, aged 26-35 years-old, has a postgraduate Masters degree and less than 5 years of work experience in international development.
  • 73 participants responded to the evaluation survey.
  • Overall, 43% of respondents were satisfied with the pilot program and 28% indicated that they were unsatisfied.
  • When asked what  the ONE significant thing they got out of the peer coaching sessions, respondents indicated a range of benefits from validation, reflexive practice and clarification to having a ‘new colleague’, expectation management and feeling less stressed and isolated.

Here is what some participants had to say:

“[Peer coaching] helped me talk through, get ‘mirroring’ and another perspective on and clarify questions, doubts, desires about what I wanted to do and how in my career decision making – deciding to refrain from taking another job for a while in order to rest, study and being to set up my own aid worker wellbeing business.”

“This has made me stronger and more confident in my work, and in my choices to act with integrity which sometimes feels like a career-limiting choice (but actually is essential I believe if we are to live up to our responsibilities to those we serve and do donors). Also helped me work through strategies for a variety of small challenges and action steps which I believe made me more efficient and effective.”

If you would like to register for the next program, DevPeers, in 2015, please leave your name and email address. You can also get updates and a sneak peek at the next phase on Twitter @DevPeers.

If you would like to learn about Peer Coaching, you can find out more in the following posts:

You can also download our Peer Coaching Guidelines.

We would like to thank our StartSomeGood supporters for making this financially possible. We would also like to thank Edd, who developed the matching algorithm and database, Shana Montesol Johnson, Alessandra Pigni, Rachel Szekely, Darian Naidoo, Rick Ladyshewsky for their contributions, advice and support.

Meet the participants in WhyDev’s Peer Coaching Pilot Program from WhyDev on Vimeo.