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Last Week Today: 15 August 2014

Last Week Today: 15 August 2014

In case you missed the news last week, WhyDev just launched a new feature – designed to make sure your busy life doesn’t stop you from getting the top news and development stories. Last Week Today brings you the week’s best links, all in one place, every Friday. So sit back, relax, and get all caught up.

The leading story has to be the FaceTime conversation between Malala Yousafzai and Justin Bieber. WhyDev has exclusive access to part of the conversation between to the two superstars.

JB: Just met a an amazing fan Kim you know who you are. She said I saved her life those words meant the world.

MY: I also thought that my voice cannot make a difference, but it did.

JB: Sunburnt and a mustache

MY: I am Malala

JB: Keeping it positive

MY: Education is the best weapon we have to fight poverty, ignorance & terrorism.

JB: Taking it back to how I started

MY: One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world

JB: I’m a bear

The week in news

It’s either this, or donate $100.

Over 200 people take the Ice Bucket Challenge in Boston. Photo by Elise Amendola/AP
Over 200 people take the Ice Bucket Challenge in Boston. Photo by Elise Amendola/AP

The newest viral activism trend aims to raise awareness and money for ALS. The development community called slacktivism, but it just might be working. For the record, Barack Obama has opted to donate money in lieu of posting a video of himself pouring ice water over his head.

Following the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, continued rioting, a no-fly zone, arrests of journalists and the use of tear gas, stun grenades and smoke bombs against protesters are making the small U.S. town of Ferguson, Missouri, look more and more like a war zone. The events have also spawned the viral hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, protesting media stereotypes of African-Americans.

But in Cambodia, justice is finally being served, with the two most senior living members of the Khmer Rouge receiving life sentences for their crimes against humanity. And Uganda had its first gay pride rally since the country’s controversial anti-gay law was overturned.

Gay pride rally in Uganda. Photo by Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images
Gay pride rally in Uganda. Photo by Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images

The week on the blog

Volunteering and the straitjacket of capacity building

Australian Volunteers for International Development – much like Peace Corps, VSO, and JICA – is great for helping Westerners launch their careers in aid. But does it actually promote development in the countries it serves? Laurence Phillips looks at a recent evaluation of the program.

What are the Top 5 Aid Worker Tunes?

A WhyDev karaoke outing last weekend got us talking about the songs that remind us of aid work, and now we’re crowd-sourcing a playlist of the Top Aid Worker Tunes ever. Brendan Rigby needs your help, though – you’ve got a week to vote for your favorites!

The last week today in development

Tips for getting a digital job in development | The Guardian

A guide for people who want out of aid work | Mindfulnext

Funders need to rethink their attitude toward risk. | From Poverty to Power

Does peacekeeping work better than we think? | Political Violence at a Glance

Ghana’s boom never affected most Ghanians. | Quartz

Philanthropedia’s crowd-sourced evaluations face serious resistance from the WASH sector. | Humanosphere

Lessons from the low-tech defeat of Guinea worm | New York Times

Ebola treatment should be administered equally, not only to the privileged. | Monkey Cage

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