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WhyDev has long been fortunate to engage intelligent, thoughtful and attractive people from around the world on issues related to international development.

Some of these intelligent, thoughtful and attractive people also financially supported our peer coaching initiative. We are very grateful for each of these individuals’ contributions; over 70 people chipped in for a total of over $5000 through StartSomeGood. You can also donate to this initiative through PayPal.

Our most generous supporters were given the opportunity to showcase a cause of their choice on our website. Here are the videos of those who took us up on the offer.

CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania) is a partner of Motivation. In Australia, Motivation Australia is a not for profit disability and development organisation that works in partnership with local organisations to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities in the Asia Pacific region, including rural and remote Australia. The film features two children with cerebral palsy, Grace and Alex, who are now going to school, taking part in their lessons and interacting with their friends. Inspiring viewing!

You can find out more information about Motivation Australia here.

A big thanks to our supporters

    • Tanya Pakornsawa
    • Stephanie Zito
    • H Fox
    • Jason
    • Melissa
    • Carly Garonne
    • Steve
    • Sothun
    • Zehra Rizvi
    • Kelly
    • Eva V
    • Carly Stephan
    • Janet Newbury
    • Beth Z Rosen
    • Scott
    • Alexandra Rose Croyle
    • Brittany
    • Rosemarie McBean
    • Leo Rocker
    • Lee Davelaar
    • Courteney
    • Anna Rogers
    • Casey McCarthy
    • Erin Antcliffe
    • Laura
    • Matthew
    • Tanya Cothran
    • Ellie Wong
    • Anna Reilly
    • Cyrus Bakhtiari Haftlang
    • Sophia Kagan
    • Chris Taylor
    • Chris Wheeler
    • Megan
    • Sam Porter
    • Chantelle Boland
    • Sonju Walker
    • Hema (Yayi)
    • Stephen Jones
    • Jennifer Lentfer
    • Patrick Daley
    • May Maloney
    • Michelle
    • Ann Larson
    • Marianne Elliott
    • Angela Vass
    • Daniel Drake
    • Patricia Rigby
    • V Jane Smith
    • Stuart Meney
    • Suzette Graham
    • Arancha Martinez
    • Mark Chan
    • Chris Rigby
    • Jim Smith
    • Michael Keizer
    • Sally Walker
    • Alanna Macguire
    • Chad Passlow
    • Jo Lee


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