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Happy holidays from WhyDev!

Happy holidays from WhyDev!

Dear WhyDev readers,

It has been a tumultuous and unprecedented year. According to the UK’s Spectator, 2012 was ‘the best year ever‘ as there never has been less hunger, less disease and more prosperity. Ghana recorded yet another peaceful, free and fair democratic election; malaria deaths have fallen by one-fifth over the past decade; and a Korean singer brought back dancing on an invisible horse after Adam Sandler’s celebrated Happy Gilmore.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) began to admit failure; more and more donors, international aid agencies and NGOs committed to greater transparency and accountability; and the sequel to KONY 2012’s first, viral video proved again that sequels usually flop (except in the case of AliensGodfather II and Home Alone 2).

It has also been a great year here at WhyDev. We were joined by two new team members, Allison Smith and Daniel Drake, whose contribution to our growth have job-seekers emailing us under the impression that we are a bona fide organisation and can hire (read: pay) staff. We redesigned our logo (HT Stuart Meney) and website (HT Daniel Drake). We also launched our Peer Coaching Pilot Program in partnership with Shana Montesol Johnson, which currently has over 300 participants from around the world connecting with and supporting one another. Next year will the see the improvement and scaling-up of this program.

The contributions and quality of our blog continues to grow sustainably, having published over 230 posts since 2010. We have also quantifiably increased participation from our readers, with an unprecedented number of surveys asking your opinions about everything from aid/development jargon to dating in the aid world.

We gave you at least 52 reasons to date an aidworker and Dave Algoso’s always popular post continues to dispense career advice (from people smarter than him).

Besides these popular posts from the popular kids, we had a number of fantastic posts from new and returning contributors:

In 2013, we look forward to building on everything we accomplished this year, by continuing to promote open and critical discussion on issues related to development on our blog, and by launching an improved Peer Coaching program to help aid and development workers be better supported in their work.

We want you to be involved with these things. Leave a comment with a topic you’d like WhyDev to cover in 2013, or send your pitch for a blog post to Also sign up to register for Peer Coaching 2013 here.

Thanks for all your support in 2012 – best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year! We will see you in 2013.


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