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Fancy being our next Fellow?

Fancy being our next Fellow?

We got one of our first fellows, Prue Allen, to answer some questions, to shed some light on her experience working with SHEInvestments.

1) Why did you apply for the fellowship?

I was already volunteering in Phnom Penh as an English teacher and was looking for a way to move back into development work. A friend referred me to the Fellowship and it fit perfectly as it was in Cambodia and working with a gender-based organisation, which is what my academic studies focused on.

2) What challenges did you face?

I was lucky that I had already settled into Phnom Penh so it made the transition easier, but it does take some time to get used to the workplace dynamics here. Cambodians tend to be very honest about some things that Australians may not be (“you don’t look very beautiful today”!!!) but not so straight forward about other things that you may need to do your job. It sounds cliché but cross-cultural communication and building good relationships with your colleagues is really the key to overcoming this and, luckily, the team at SHE is very accommodating! Once we all broke the ice and had a good laugh, everything became much easier.

3) What was your biggest high point or achievement?

There wasn’t really one high point – just a cumulation of ‘little wins’ that perhaps I didn’t even realise were wins at the time. To be honest, building a great relationship with the whole team and learning from them has been one big high point. Another thing I am very proud of is my involvement with the newest group of Incubator Participants; they are an amazing group of women and I have really enjoyed starting to track their stories.

4) How has the fellowship assisted in your own career or study path?

The fellowship has helped me to identify more clearly where my professional strengths and weaknesses lie – and then work on that. I have realised what I really enjoy and am now better able to strategise how to get there! As anyone in development will probably say, so much of it is about networking. I hated the idea of this, but Phnom Penh is a great place to start developing networks and everyone is really willing to offer assistance or advice where they can, which makes it much less daunting!

Prue fellow 2
Photo courtesy of Prue Allen (Cambodia).

If this kind of experience sounds right up your street, then apply for our next fellowship scheme! This time round we are recruiting for two different positions:

-Program and Event Support Fellow

-Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow

For more information and the position descriptions, click here.

You’ll need to commit to at least 4 months in Cambodia; this will enable you to fully grasp the position, immerse yourself into life in Cambodia and will also provide optimum value for SHEInvestments.

How to apply

Please email a resume and a video (no more than 3 minutes) addressing the required skills and experience in the Position Description to Holly Asquith at

The deadline for applications is 17th June 2016, 17:00 AEST.

Good luck!

Featured image shows Prue (middle) with some colleagues at SHEInvestments. Photo courtesy of Prue Allen.

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