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Does Diversification enhance Resilience? Agriculture Alternatives in development Environment Sustainable Development 

Does Diversification enhance Resilience?

Diversification can increase biodiversity, mitigate risk, broaden the nutritional portfolio of what is grown, and allow farmers to engage with new market opportunities. Diversification is, therefore, one of the key strategies for building resilience for smallholder farmers. There have been some cautionary voices, however the dominant narrative is that diversification is good and should be widely promoted. For example, at the 2017...
What’s Wrong With “Slum Tourism”? Ethical Tourism Ethics in development General Poverty Sustainable Development Travel 

What’s Wrong With “Slum Tourism”?

Even in wealthy areas, poverty is hard to miss in Rio. On the outskirts of the city, shanty houses have sprung up in the middle of the highway. Plastic bags, old clothes, sheets and anything else that can be salvaged are tied to pillars that line the median strip. Houses are grouped close together, maybe to denote family groups, maybe...
Achieving SDGs: Improving Education in Timor Leste Advocacy General Sustainable Development 

Achieving SDGs: Improving Education in Timor Leste

Education is a driving force behind development work and is seen as one of the most important investments for individuals to build agency and lift themselves out of poverty. The World Economic Forum goes as far to state that investing in education can help achieve the aims of all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The benefits of quality education...
SDGs: Leaving No One Behind? Alternatives in development General Sustainable Development Why We Dev 

SDGs: Leaving No One Behind?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set out a bold new agenda: leave no one behind. Much has been written about how donor priorities and development practice needs to significantly shift to meet the ambitious goals. In a recent article, Alec Thornton and I inquired into the extent to which development studies research, and the community of researchers contributing to...
Scaling Fair Trade: 5 Lessons On How GlobeIn Grew to Over $1M in Sales Fair Trade Social entrepreneurs Sustainable Development Trade 

Scaling Fair Trade: 5 Lessons On How GlobeIn Grew to Over $1M in Sales

Starting a social impact business is an enormous challenge - especially when competing with companies that aren't paying their producers fair enough wages. Liza Moiseeva shares her insights into how GlobeIn, a social enterprise connecting consumers with artisans around the world using a subscription model, grew to over $1 million in sales while sticking to its ethical ethos.