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WorkDev #5: Becoming a consultant

This is the final post in our WorkDev series by Maia Gedde, author of Working in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance: A Career Guide. Don’t miss her previous posts on why she wrote the book, who you can work for, climbing the career ladder and choosing a specialty

The term “consultant” in the development and humanitarian field is quite vague. In more creative sectors, you might instead say “freelancer,” but it can also mean someone who is working for a development consultancy firm.

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WorkDev #4: Choosing a specialty

In our WorkDev series, Maia Gedde, author of Working in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance: A Career Guide, is sharing some of the book’s most important lessons on working in aid. This is the fourth post in the series.

In my last post, I touched on developing T-shaped skills: technical depth and professional breadth. If you start out as a generalist, perhaps with a degree in Development Studies, with some work experience in project management for example, you’ll be stronger on the professional breadth. But then how do you specialise in an area and develop technical depth?

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