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Tweeting Into Trouble (Part 1): How social media can land NGO staff in legal trouble

Social media is increasingly being treated as though it were a traditional publishing platform, particularly by NGOs. However, most organisations have not seriously considered how their staff are using social media and what the consequences are of blogging and tweeting. Rowen Emslie breaks it down from a legal perspective, arguing that it is time for NGO staff to learn about libel and the responsible use of social media.

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Love actually…is all around the aid world

Love in the humanitarian field is a tough game. Finding that ‘special someone’ can be a bit trickier for aid workers. We know that there are at least 52 reasons to date an aid worker, but where are they and how can you find them? Is it actually hard or just bruised egos? Erin and Brendan explore what it takes to find love in the aid world and ask readers to participate in a ground-breaking survey to reveal the world’s hot-spots for finding love.

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Three reasons you may be dissatisfied with your job in development

Do you feel constrained, bored or disillusioned with your job in development? Whatever dissatisfaction you’re feeling, it can be traced back to three needs for autonomy, mastery and purpose. Drawing on Daniel Pink’s book “Drive,” Allison Smith examines how you can meet these needs and rekindle the love for your job in development.

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