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Does Diversification enhance Resilience? Agriculture Alternatives in development Environment Sustainable Development 

Does Diversification enhance Resilience?

Diversification can increase biodiversity, mitigate risk, broaden the nutritional portfolio of what is grown, and allow farmers to engage with new market opportunities. Diversification is, therefore, one of the key strategies for building resilience for smallholder farmers. There have been some cautionary voices, however the dominant narrative is that diversification is good and should be widely promoted. For example, at the 2017...
Moving from stew to stewardship: eating sustainably in 2012 Agriculture Environment Ethics in development Reflection 

Moving from stew to stewardship: eating sustainably in 2012

Food. It used to be so simple. Now we’re burning corn for fuel, making meat in tubes, subsidizing cattle for more than many people’s incomes, refusing food not grown locally, and swearing off meat altogether. Allison Smith reflects on her relationship with food and what it says about the intersection of food, culture and sustainability.