About: Weh Yeoh

Weh is a disability development worker currently based in Cambodia. He is a professionally trained physiotherapist who has completed a MA in Development Studies at the University of NSW. He has a diverse background, having spent years travelling through remote parts of Asia, volunteering in an orphanage and adult shelter for people with disabilities in Vietnam, interning in India, and studying Mandarin in Beijing. He has experience in the NGO sector both in Australia and internationally in China, through Handicap International. He is an obsessed barefoot runner, wearer of Lycra, and eats far too much for his body size. You can view his LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/wmyeoh) and follow him on Twitter @wmyeoh.

Recent Posts by Weh Yeoh

Give people what they want, not what the corporation wants.

Who represents the poor? How do corporations define and shape perceptions of social issues, and what is the impact of this influence? Weh Yeoh takes a look at the CSR programme of an airline and argues that too often, these programmes are shaped by the corporation, not the needs of...
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