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Overcoming Menstruation Mountain

By Alana Donaldson

Edmund Hillary, a 33-year-old beekeeper, was well prepared for his journey to the top of Everest. He was part of a large team that had supplies and porters, but the key to his success was his pairing with the experienced Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay, who had intimate knowledge of the mountain.

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Why Menstruation Matters to everyone, everywhere

By Patricia Kröll

Imagine. You are sitting in a tiny classroom with fifty other students. There are hardly enough benches for all of you, so you are squeezed onto a little bench with five other students. Then, all of a sudden you feel it – blood coming through your pants. You are on your period and blood has leaked through the cloth you are using. There will be stains on your dress now. When you get up, everyone will see it…

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