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Tanya Cothran is the Executive Administrator at Spirit in Action, an international micro-grant organisation working in East Africa. Trained as a librarian, she finds satisfaction in tracking down bits of information. Tanya is working on a book of essays, "Smart Risks: How small grants are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems," with 23 other international development professionals. She holds a B.A. in Geography from UC-Berkeley and a Master's of Library and Information Science from St. Catherine's University, and she lives in Toronto.

Should we just give money to the poor? Alternatives in development Microfinance Poverty 

Should we just give money to the poor?

Have you ever been around a development program that was gradually getting more and more complicated? With underused administrators and layers of reporting and bureaucracy that never trickles down to benefit the students? In Just Give Money to the Poor, the authors suggest we skip the complex programs and just transfer money directly to the poorest in our country. Tanya...
Catapult: The exciting new crowdfunding platform for NGOs Alternatives in development Fundraising Gender 

Catapult: The exciting new crowdfunding platform for NGOs

Catapult, which went live in beta form on October 11, is dedicated to promoting equality for women and girls by giving women and girl-focused organizations a place to campaign online. Tanya Cothran caught up with Maz Kessler, founder and creative director of Catapult, about the new crowd-funding platform and how it is changing the game.
Micro-loans or micro-savings: what works? Microfinance Poverty 

Micro-loans or micro-savings: what works?

After her time in Malawi, Tanya Cothran began to question if micro-loans truly alleviate poverty or empower people, as we’ve heard so often over the past few years. Not the only sceptic, Tanya reviews David Roodman’s “Due Diligence: An impertinent inquiry into microfinance” and finds that for all the marketing success of microfinance, micro-savings may provide more success on the...