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National Refugee Week – challenging perceptions

Working in the youth team at Red Cross, I am constantly inspired by the mobilising power of young people to create positive change. Red Cross is committed to working with young Australians to make an important contribution in communities throughout the world.  This year for Refugee Week, Australian Red Cross partnered with Australian MTV to develop a creative campaign and encourage understanding and fight discrimination. Check it out here:

The Australian Red Cross recently commissioned a survey of 1,000 Australians over 18 years of age. It indicates that most Australians surveyed are sympathetic towards refugees:

86% of people would flee to a safe country, if they lived in a conflict zone and were under threat.

94% of these people would use all their money and assets to get to a safe country.

31% know of someone who has come to Australia escaping persecution or conflict in another country.

83% agree that people fleeing persecution should be able to seek protection in another country.

83% are willing to assist a refugee in their community settle in Australia.

67% agree that refugees have made a positive contribution to Australian society.