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Janet lives on Canada's Sunshine Coast, where she is currently completing her PhD in Child and Youth Care. Exploring alternatives to what she sees as the widespread individualization of social problems has enabled Janet to study within a broad range of subject areas such as: loss, substance use, research methodologies, the bureaucratization of human service practices, and social justice. Her work experiences are also varied, but she is particularly interested in community initiatives that focus on strengths and acknowledge the systemic nature of many social problems (rather than locating the onus for change within individuals who experience them). Because of her belief in the power of citizen engagement, she is involved in several exciting community initiatives, including the Powell River Diversity Initiative and the Sunshine Musicfest.

Child poverty in context: more than one way forward Poverty 

Child poverty in context: more than one way forward

CIDA, AusAID and USAID have prioritised poverty alleviation as a primary objective of their respective aid programs. Economic growth is also among the primary commitments of these governmental organisations. Janet Newbury argues that insisting on prioritising growth in efforts to alleviate poverty (at home or abroad) is not only misleading, but will continue to move us farther from our stated...
Believing is seeing Politics 

Believing is seeing

Recent discussions of the international response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti provoke consideration of multiple perspectives as to what is really going on in order to determine the best course of future action. But do such conversations prepare us to effectively respond amidst inevitable uncertainties? This article explores various perspectives, their implications, and the possibility that they are all...