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Jennifer Lentfer is a Nebraska farm girl turned international aid worker. As the creator of the blog, she was named as one of Foreign Policy Magazine's "100 women to follow on Twitter” at @intldogooder. She is the Director of Communications at IDEX and is currently co-editing a book that features the growing community of small grantmakers that find and fund effective grassroots leaders around the world.

Moving along on the do-gooder journey

It is important to ask how our ideas about “helping” manifest themselves, because these deeper motivations show up in our work. If you grew up as white and in the U.S. as I did, most often people start from a place of charity. There was a lot of “othering” in the environment where I grew up. A phrase commonly used, “over there” [in reference to any other country], indicates how they see people and places that are not related to their own life.

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