About: Erin Nash

Erin is a Research Assistant to Professor Ian Gough at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a consultant researcher for the International Institute for Environment and Development. She has a ten years of experience in sustainable development and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) and a Masters in Philosophy and Public Policy from the LSE. She is particularly interested the ethical dimensions of climate change and sustainable development. Follow Erin on Twitter @ErinJNash

Recent Posts by Erin Nash

Climate Change and migration: what we need to be doing right now

Climate Change is happening, but we do not seem to realise it. The socio-economic impacts of Climate Change are enormous and the implications for human well-being are frightening. Erin Nash tackles the tricky landscape of Climate Change and migration, unpacking the concept of 'climate refugees'. Who are they? Where will...
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Sustainable development and poverty eradication through the prism of a Green Economy

As Rio+20 wraps up this week, Erin Nash delivers her third and final post on sustainable development. In her previous posts, she questioned whether sustainable development is an oxymoron and called for a paradigm shift. Now, she defines the mechanism to align with, and implement, this paradigm shift - the...
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The paradigm shift that needs to be made for sustainable development – who needs to make it?

In her second post, as part of a 3-post series, Erin Nash describes and outlines the ‘moment’ in the world’s evolution that will be provided by Rio+20, which starts today. This 'moment' is a paradigm shift of universal proportions. She argues that a shift needs to be made at Rio+20,...
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