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Casey McCarthy is a media, communications and advocacy professional with experience with the United Nations in Bangladesh and Cambodia, and government in Australia. She has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland, Australia and a Masters in Communication for Development from Malmo University, Sweden. Casey just finished her Masters thesis (hurrah!) and left Cambodia for San Diego, California, where she is furiously hunting down the next fabulous job. Casey can be contacted on: caseymac81[AT], or via Twitter or her blog below.

How the media shapes democracy (and the case of Cambodia) Humanitarian Relief & Post-Conflict Media 

How the media shapes democracy (and the case of Cambodia)

From Australia to Vietnam and everywhere in between, the ability (or not) of the media to provide information that can facilitate civic discussion of issues that are (or should be) on the political agenda is a marker of a country’s ability to foster democracy. Casey McCarthy explores the role media can play in critically supporting Cambodia's development.