About: Allison Smith

Allison is the Editor-in-Chief of WhyDev and a freelance writer and communications professional. She is a contributor to Beacon, and her work has been published in Matador, Killing the Buddha, and In/Words Magazine & Press. She currently lives in Cambodia. For more Allison, visit her website at allisonjanesmith.com and follow her on Twitter at @asmithb.

Recent Posts by Allison Smith

Travel is not education

Well-travelled aid workers often believe that their travels serve as an important form of education, and feel superior to those who don't travel. But Allison Smith argues that it's time to stop with the arrogance. Travel is not education, as it is not an antidote for ignorance and it is...
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Aid, trade, and foreign policy: a natural fit or a recipe for disaster?

To what degree should foreign policy shape foreign aid? Could we see the end of aid through trade? Does an emphasis on trade sideline the poorest of the poor? Allison Smith explains how the latest changes to Canada's aid programme have given these questions new fervency in Canada. ...
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Moving from stew to stewardship: eating sustainably in 2012

Food. It used to be so simple. Now we’re burning corn for fuel, making meat in tubes, subsidizing cattle for more than many people’s incomes, refusing food not grown locally, and swearing off meat altogether. Allison Smith reflects on her relationship with food and what it says about the intersection...
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