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Discussing income inequality with Oxfam Australia | AidWorks

The problem of inequality has been one of those intractable problems societies have always faced to one degree or another. But in recent decades, inequality has been increasing across the globe, and quickly. So much so that the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos in Switzerland had inequality on the agenda after the group’s own Global Risks 2014 report identified the “chronic gap” between rich and poor as one of the major threats to stability in the coming decade.

In the lead up to the Davos meeting, global humanitarian charity Oxfam released a significant addition to the international conversation on the issue of inequality. The report, Working for the Few: Political capture and income inequality, has been quoted widely in the media.

AidWorks’ Albion Harrison-Naish spoke with Oxfam Australia’s Economic Justice advocacy lead Kelly Dent to discuss some of the report’s implications and themes.