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Building financial literacy in the Pacific with CUFA’s Executive Officer Peter Mason | AidWorks

This year, 2012, is the UN International Year of the Cooperatives. It is aimed at increasing awareness of alternative business models that are often highly successful. AidWorks speaks with CUFA's Executive Officer, Peter Mason, about how poor people can still save and benefit from financial literacy and services....
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Reaching the most disadvantaged children through complementary basic education with WhyDev’s Brendan Rigby | AidWorks

In this extended and exclusive interview with WhyDev's Brendan Rigby, he and Albion discuss working for UNICEF Ghana, participation in education and the growth of the development blogosphere. In particular, Brendan reflects on his experience with UNICEF Ghana supporting a complementary basic education program targeting out of school children, explaining...
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The Growth of Social Enterprise with Opportunity International Australia’s Stephen Robertson | AidWorks

This is the first Aidworks podcasts to be featured on WhyDev and what a start! The inimitable Albion Harrison-Naish has a great guest for you, in an exclusive interview that is only being featured on our site. First up, we have Stephen Robertson of Opportunity International Australia, talking about the...
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