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Akhila Kolisetty serves as a Development Advisor of Justice for All Organization (JFAO), a non-profit that works to strengthen the rule of law and expand access to legal services for women and girls in Afghanistan. Starting in fall 2012, she is also a student at Harvard Law School, and aspires to a career in human rights and development, with a focus on community-based legal services and women's rights. In the past, she's studied legal empowerment at the grassroots level with BRAC in Bangladesh, worked with a civil rights law firm in Washington D.C., and counseled South Asian immigrant survivors of domestic violence. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2010, where she studied at the London School of Economics and wrote an honours thesis on transitional justice in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. This is a cross post from her blog.

What’s happening to the rights-based approach? Gender Human Rights 

What’s happening to the rights-based approach?

Is a rights-based approach being lost in the midst of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and monitoring and evaluation? Akhila, while acknowledging that tangible results are important in development interventions, suggests that we are forgetting the rights-based approach. Implementing approaches that try to address the underlying problems of structural inequalities is crucial in achieving sustainable results.