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Brendan is an education specialist and co-founder of WhyDev. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education exploring complementary basic education and the literacy practices of out-of-school children in northern Ghana. Formerly, he was an Education Officer with UNICEF Ghana, and Director of Venture Support with StartSomeGood. Brendan has also been an education consultant and trainer for Plan, UNICEF, ScopeGlobal and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. He is obsessed with tea, American football and karaoke.

It’s time to end the term “girl child”

11 October is the International Day of the Girl Child. Not “Girl,” but “Girl Child.” It was first celebrated only three years ago in 2012, after campaigning by Plan International and Canada.

This is my campaign to drop the “child.” Yes, there are far more important issues. All of them. For example, less than half of countries have achieved gender parity in education. Big problem. But, none appeals more to my pedantic-ness than this odd compound noun.

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How not to write about humanitarian work

By Brendan Rigby & Tobias Denskus

Under the headline “Violinist to volunteer: Medecins Sans Frontieres work in war-torn Africa life-changing for Adelaide nurse” Brett Williamson wrote a questionable piece of humanitarian journalism for Australia’s ABC News.

It is so bad it can almost serve as a template for journalism students on how not to write a piece on humanitarian aid and international development.

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