Our vision

Our mission is to provide professional development and consultancy services to individuals, communities and organisations committed to global development. We work in areas that are often overlooked, by supporting and building the capacity of individuals and communities committed to getting development right.

Our vision is a world in which those who are committed to global development have the support, resources and resilience to work effectively.

We aim to do that by:

  • Promoting open and critical discussion on issues related to development
  • Engaging a wide range of people to contribute to development
  • Facilitating networks amongst like-minded individuals and communities around the world
  • Providing professional development and well-being services to aid workers
  • Providing a range of support services to individuals and organisations committed to community development
  • Demonstrating respect, inclusivity, and thoughtfulness
  • Embracing diversity of background and perspective

It is our hope that WhyDev will help address the knowledge and participation deficit across the development space, which undervalues the incredibly diverse and deep experiences, knowledge and perspective of students, graduates and young professionals. We want to present, provide and support development alternatives that embody well-being, human rights and community development.




Committed to getting aid and development right